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CVS Center Fairfax Station

Fullerton Industrial Park

Gunston Corner

Antonelli's 703-690-4500

Gunston Plaza

Virginia Vacuums 703-339-6720

Lorton Market Place

Lorton Station Town Center

Lorton Valley Center

U.S. Tae Kwon Do College 703-690-5425

Mason Neck Peninsula

Gunston Hall Museum Shop 703-550-9220

Newington Center

Historic Occoquan

Attic Treasures & Sew Easy Sewing 703-490-1536

Coffee House of Occoquan 703-492-8976

Dansk Day Spa at Occoquan 703-492-1991

Labelle Bridal and Consignment 866-619-4678

Olde Dominion Wine Shoppe 703-494-1622

Polka Dot Divas 703-910-7059

Tastefully Yours 703-499-8809

The Garden Kitchen 703-494-2848

Saratoga Center

Heart Beats Music & Dance Center 703-440-9000

Villiage Shops

Crosspointe Animal Hospital 703-690-6600


Lake Ridge Dental, 703-670-7071

MYCell, Royal Group 571-334-0996

Peebles 13957 Jefferson Davis Hwy 703-491- 6181



Lake Ridge Dental, 703-670-7071

Gunston Medical
Lorton Market Medical
Lorton Station Medical


Urgent Care Saratoga
Walk-in Fairfax Station.


Listing By Address up to the week of April 19, 2010 Most up-to-date on the web because we ARE Lorton

Gunston Plaza Shopping Center RT 1. Richmond Highway at Lorton Road

Gold’s Gym 7700 Gunston Plaza Dr
Dollar Tree 7700A Gunston Plaza Dr
Gunston Physical Therapy 7700B Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-3769
KC Beauty Mart 7702 Gunston Plaza Dr
Super Highs Dairy Sept. 7708 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-550-1447
DMV 7714 Gunston Plaza Dr
Geeks & Wireless 7716 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-7003
Las Colinas Mexican Restaurant 7718 Gunston Plaza Dr
Gunston Senior Center 7720 Gunston Plaza Dr
Postal Service US Lorton 7726 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-6128
Vinney’s 7730 Gunston Plaza Dr
Taste Of Beijung 7734 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-5045
La Brasa Chicken 7738 Gunston Plaza Dr
Urgent Care 7740 Gunston Plaza Dr
Parcel Plus 7742 Gunston Plaza Dr
US Tae Kwon Do 7744 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-9400
CricKet 7746 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-5052
Beyond Hair & Braids 7748 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-? 8090
Town Cleaners 7750 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-550-8255
Minnieland Private Day School 7752 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-550-2102
@Witts End 7756-A Gunston Plaza Dr
Hollywood Nails 7756-B Gunston Plaza Dr 703-541-3137
Papa John’s Pizza 7756-C Gunston Plaza Dr
--vacant-- 7756-D Gunston Plaza Dr
Bloom 7760 Gunston Plaza Dr
Gunston Medical Center 7764 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-550-1700
Heron A Roy Jr MD 7764 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-550-1700
Rite Aid Pharmacies Lorton Pha 7764 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-0180
Rite Aid Pharmacies Lorton Sto 7764 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-7340
Virginia Vacuums 7770 Gunston Plaza Dr
Dominos Pizza 7772 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-550-5100
Father & Son Seafood Delight 7774 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-550-3668
Barber 7776 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-0088
--vacant-- 7778 Gunston Plaza Dr
Florist 7780 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-339-3597
Polo Grill Restaurant & Tap Room 7784 Gunston Plaza Dr 703-550-0002


Image of Gunson Corner Shopping Center

Gunston Corner Shopping Center Lorton Road at Silverbrook Road

Antonelli’s 8212 Gunston Corner Lane 703-690-4500
Gunston Wok 8214 Gunston Corner Lane
Good Hair Day Salon 8216 Gunston Corner Lane
Enchanting Nails 8218 Gunston Corner Lane
Lorton Barber Shop 8220 Gunston Corner Lane
Gyro Factory 8222 Gunston Corner Lane
Dry Cleaning 8224 Gunston Corner Lane
Shell Food Mart 8225 Gunston Corner Lane 703-643-1146
--vacant-- 8226 Gunston Corner Lane
7-Eleven 8228 Gunston Corner Lane
Burger King 8232 Gunston Corner Lane

Image of Lorton Market Place Shopping Center

Lorton Market Place Shopping Center Lorton Road at Lorton Market Street

Bank America 9405 Lorton Market Street
Shopper’s Food 9409 Lorton Market Street
Tiger Den TKD 9415 Lorton Market Street
MyEyeDr 9419 Lorton Market Street
Virginia ABC 9421 Lorton Market Street
Southern Cleaners 9423 Lorton Market Street
Caribou Coffee 9425 Lorton Market Street
Escape Nails & Spa 9427 Lorton Market Street
new ownership Indian 9429 Lorton Market Street
Quizno’s 9433 Lorton Market Street
UPS Store 9435 Lorton Market Street
Lorton Market Barber Shop 9437 Lorton Market Street
Reflection Dental 9439 Lorton Market Street
Hong Kong Café 9441 Lorton Market Street
Tokyo One Japanese Steak & Surf 9443 Lorton Market Street
Back in Motion Physical Therapy 9447 Lorton Market Street
--vacant-- 9447 Lorton Market Street, 703-372-5906
Advanced Design Corp. 9447B Lorton Market Street
--vacant--9447B Lorton Market Street
Zpizza 9451 Lorton Market Street
C2 Education 9453 Lorton Market Street
Baskin Robbins 9455 Lorton Market Street
Marketplace Medical Center 9455 Lorton Market Street
Glory Days Grill 9459 Lorton Market Street
Minniland 9467 Lorton Market Street


Lorton Station Image

Lorton Station Town Center at the VRE

Lorton Station Medical, North 8986 Lorton Station Blvd
Lorton Station Medical, South 8988 Lorton Station Blvd
Wachovia 8994 Lorton Station Blvd
--vacant-- 8998-A Lorton Station Blvd
--vacant-- 8998-B Lorton Station Blvd
EXIT Realty 8998-C Lorton Station Blvd 703-339-7506
Dreams Boutique 8998-D Lorton Station Blvd
Lorton Station Dental 8998-E Lorton Station Blvd 703-339-3898
Allstate 8998-F Lorton Station Blvd 703-339-5300
FedEX Office 8998-G Lorton Station Blvd 703-339-6335
--vacant-- 9000- Lorton Station Blvd
Subway 9000- Lorton Station Blvd
Vocelli 9000-J Lorton Station Blvd
--vacant-- 9000-K Lorton Station Blvd (was Corner Cuisine)
--vacant-- 9000-L Lorton Station Blvd
Curves 9000-M Lorton Station Blvd
Fire Side Grill 9000-N Lorton Station Blvd
Salon Privé 9000-P Lorton Station Blvd 703-339-9898
--vacant-- 9000-R Lorton Station Blvd
Snehal Patel, Oral Facial Surg 9010-140 Lorton Station Blvd
Walsh Dental 9010-150 Lorton Station Blvd
State Farm Insurance 9010-160 Lorton Station Blvd
All Pediatrics Lorton 9010-170 Lorton Station Blvd
Dry Cleaners 9020-A Lorton Station Blvd 703-339-0097
Fusion Nail & Spa 9020-B Lorton Station Blvd 571-642-0200
--Pane-E 9020-c Lorton Station Blvd
--Pane-E 9020-d Lorton Station Blvd
Pane-E-Vino 9020-E Lorton Station Blvd
REMax 9020-F Lorton Station Blvd


Lorton Valley Center Image

Lorton Valley Center Ox Road

Sunoco 8915-10 Lorton Valley Center
Center Cleaners 8921-20 Lorton Valley Center
Georgeous Nails 8921-30 Lorton Valley Center
--vacant-- 8921-40 Lorton Valley Center
Jason Yi Tae Kwon Do College 8921-50 Lorton Valley Center
NoVa Academy of Early Learn 8931-60 Lorton Valley Center
Giant Food Store 8941-70 Lorton Valley Center
VA ABC 8951-80 Lorton Valley Center
Gene Sweetnam Optomitrist 8951-100 Lorton Valley Center
Lorton Music 8951-110 Lorton Valley Center
Uniq-U Day Spa 8961-120 Lorton Valley Center
Hunan Lorton 8961-130 Lorton Valley Center
Long & Foster 8971-140 Lorton Valley Center
Quizno’s Subs 8971-160 Lorton Valley Center
--vacant-- (was UPS) 8971-170 Lorton Valley Center
Exquisite Jewelers 8971-180 Lorton Valley Center
RGS Title 8971-190 Lorton Valley Center
Starbucks 8971-200 Lorton Valley Center
--vacant-- 8971-210 Lorton Valley Center
Lorton Valley Barber 8971-220 Lorton Valley Center
Select Carpet & Floor 8971-230 Lorton Valley Center
Lorton Valley Dental 8971-230B Lorton Valley Center 703-493-8190
--vacant-- 8971-235 Lorton Valley Center
Five Guys Burgers 8971-240 Lorton Valley Center
Ledo Pizza 8971-245 Lorton Valley Center
Chevy Chase Bank 8981-250 Lorton Valley Center


Historic Downtown Occoquan Commerce Street and Occoquan Road updated September17

Mom’s Apple Pie 180 Commerce St
Coffee House of Occoquan 202 Commerce St 703-492-8976
-- vacant -- 204 Commerce St
Stephen M. Farmer P.C. 206 Commerce St
Dansk Day Spa of Occoquan 212-A Commerce St 703-492-1991
SYSGS Art Glass Studio 214-A Commerce St
Edward Jones 308 Commerce St
Kathern Walsh Attorney 306 Commerce St
-- -- 301-A Commerce St, 703-494-9380
Diva Stylez Hair Studio, 301-B Commerce St, 703-494-1252
--vacant-- 301-D Commerce St, 703-490-1175
Pink Bicycle Tea Room 303 Commerce St
Spinnaweb 305 Commerce St
TG Hair FX 307 Commerce St
--vacant-- 310 Commerce St

--vacant-- 125-1 Mill St (703) 491-7936
--vacant-- 125-2 Mill St (703) 494-4777
Ka Lei Pua 125-3 Mill St (703) 491-0635
Serendipity 125-4 Mill St
Irish Collection 125-5 Mill St
--vacant-- 125-6 Mill St (703) 491-4411
Paint Your Heart Out 125-7 Mill St (703) 492-7223
Art Den and Gifts 125-8 Mill St
--vacant-- 125-9 Mill St
--vacant-- 125-10 Mill St
--vacant-- 125-11 Mill St
Dawn's Whimsy125-12 Mill St
Hair Studio 14 125-14 Mill St (703) 492-1461
Center Stage Costumes & Theatrical 125-15 Mill St (703) 200-2561

Tourist Information Center 200 Mill St (703) 491-4045
Madigan’s Waterfront Rest. 201 Mill St (703) 494-6373
Carefree Boat Club
Post Office 202 Mill St (703) 491-7604
VFW 204 Mill St (703) 491-1884
Details 206 Mill St (703) 494-4959
Gas Light Landing 225-231 Mill St
--vacant-- 300 Mill St
Occoquan Inn 301 Mill St (703) 491-1888
Virginia Grill 301 Mill St (703) 491-1888
Golden Goose 302 Mill St (703) 494-4964

Spiral Creations 304 Mill St
-- vacant -- 304 #203 Mill St
Epicurean Crafts 305 Mill St (703) 490-0777
Glory Be 305 Mill St A1 703-490-1441
Permanent Make-up 305 A7 Mill St (703) 843-4488
Fetch Pet Gourmet 305 A3 Mill St.
MJ's Ice Cream & More 305 Mill St A2
Jerry’s Occoquan Jewelers 306 Mill St (703) 494-2904
Brambles 307 Mill St (703) 492-0401
Personally Yours 308 Mill St (703) 494-8683
Artists’ Undertaking 309 Mill St (703) 494-0584
Ervin Engineering 309 Mill St 703-491-3139
Zamora Jewelers 309 Mill St (703) 492-5515
Art A La Cartè 310 A Mill St (703)  
Pro-Active Health and Wellness Center 310 C Mill St
So Bohemian 310 D Mill St (703) 490-1192
Off The Beading Path 310 E Mill St 703-492-2323
Old Dominion Wine Shoppe 311 Mill St (703) 497-7647
LaBella’s Bridal & Consignment 313 Mill St 703-494-2929
Loft Gallery & Art Center 313 Mill St (703) 490-1117
--vacant-- 313 Mill St 703-491-5983
The Cottage 313 Mill St (703) 494-2128
Little Bou tique 313 Mill St 703-494-0430
Occoquan Town Police 314 Mill St 703-491-1918
Occoquan Town Hall 314 Mill St 703-491-1918
Town Hall 314 Mill St (703) 491-1918
--vacant-- 402 Mill St
Occoquan Boat Club 403 Mill St 703-494-6475
Sugar Buzz 403 Mill St (703) 402-9222
Secret Garden Cafe The 404 Mill St 703-494-2848
Hawthorne Stationery 404 Mill St (703) 491-5775
--Going Out of Business-- Occoquan Antiques 405 Mill St (703) 499-9312
Tastefully Yours 406 Mill St (703) 499-8809
Artaville 407 Mill St (703) 494-7404
Georgetown Caterers 408 Mill St 703-491-9265
Puzzle Palooza 408 Mill St
Mill Street Gallery 408 Mill St
Occoquan Mill House Museum 413 Mill St 703-491-7525
Polka Dot Divas 416 Mill St 703-910-7059
--vacant-- 450 Mill St
Cock & Bowl, 302 Poplar Ally 703-494-1180
Nola Rose Revisited 302 B3 Poplar Ally
Soaring Spirit Yoga 308A Poplar Ally
Accolades Florist 308B Poplar Ally
Ronald B, Cox at Law 308C Poplar Ally
--vacant-- 308D Poplar Ally
--vacant--, 308 E Poplar Ally, 571-991-2185
--vacant-- 312A Poplar Ally
International Gift and Boutique 312B Poplar Ally
Perfectly Pink 312C Poplar Ally
Spinnaweb 312D Poplar Ally
Prince William Marina Poplar Ln 703-494-6611
Quinn’s Goldsmith 199 Union St
Lil' Bit of Posh 101 Union /102
-- vacant -- 201 Union St
True Love Always Tattoo 202 Union St.
Bloomin Iris 201 Union St
Derma Bell 201 Union St
The Blue Arbor Café 201 Union St 703-491-2065
Ice Cream and Coffee Shop (new) 202 Union St
Village Americana 203 Union St 703-491-5712
Occoquan Antiques 204 Union St
Group Benefit Design 205 Union St
--vacant-- 205C Union St
--vacant-- 206 Union St
Occoquan Law Offices 308 Union St 703-491-4129
Touch Of Gold 202 Washington St 703-490-4544
Gourmet Cottage 203 Washington St
Willow Street 203 A Washington St
Sew Easy Sewing 203 B Washington St
RP Financial 203 C Washington St
Clothes Line 203 D Washington St
Attic Treasures & Sew Easy Sewing School 204 Washington St 703-490-1536


Image of Village Shops Center

Village Shops

--vacant-- 8900 Village Shops Dr
Pizza Hut Delivery 8902 Village Shops Dr 703-690-6990
Canine Classics 8904 Village Shops Dr 703-690-3054
Szechuan D’lite 8906 Village Shops Dr
Steak & Things 8908 Village Shops Dr
--vacant-- 8910 Village Shops Dr 703-690-2175
Market 8912 Village Shops Dr
Salon Accents 8914 Village Shops Dr
Cleaners 8916 Village Shops Dr
Family Dentistry 8918 Village Shops Dr
BB&T Bank 8920 Village Shops Dr
Exxon Gas 8965 Village Shops Dr
Crosspointe Animal Hospital 8975 Village Shops Dr 703-690-6600


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Northern Virginia Community College

Prince William Art Society

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